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Lectures on Revivals of Religion – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

If the individual you have injured is too far off for you to go and see him, sit down and write him a letter and confess the injury. At other times they confess in a general manner, as if they are only half in earnest. It is the subject of his thoughts all the time, and makes him look and act as if he had a load on his mind. The agency of God is twofold: You see the error of those who are beginning to think that religion can be better promoted in the world without revivals, and who are disposed to give up all efforts to produce religious awakenings.

Lectures on Revivals of Religion

Understand now what lying is. It is that prayer which effectually moves God. If Christian love is the love of the image of Christ in His people, then it can be exercised only where that image really or apparently exists.

He thought that if he humbled himself and entreated God, perhaps God would spare him this ot. Why not, in such a case, let any member of the Church, male or female, distribute the elements? God has laid down a rule in the case: Take care, you are interfering with the Sovereignty of God. If their minds were in that state in which they would persevere till the answer came, effectual prayer might be offered at once, as well as after praying ever so many times for an ov.

Prevailing, or effectual prayer, is that prayer which attains the blessing that it seeks. Then the counteracting causes would again operate, religion would decline, and the nation would be swept away in the vortex of luxury, idolatry, and pride. I have sometimes inquired into such cases; when it had been given out that nobody knew anything about it until one Sabbath they saw by the faces of the congregation that God was there, or they saw it in their conference-room, or prayer-meeting, and were astonished at the mysterious Sovereignty of God in bringing in a revival without any apparent connection with means.


The people who labored there all knew him by sight, and knew who he was. And yet every event in nature has been brought about by means.

It is utterly unphilosophical to think of revibals engaged in religion in this way. You see I have only begun to lay open this subject. Want of love for the souls of your fellow-men. And after they fonney been thus revived, it would be but a short time before there would be so many counteracting influences brought to bear upon them, that religion would decline, and keep on declining, till God could have time, so to speak, to convict them of sin by His Spirit, and rebuke them by His providence, and thus so gain the attention of the masses to the great subject of salvation, as to produce a widespread awakening.

Then go over it a third time, and you will recollect other things connected with these. When mankind become religious, they are not enabled to put forth exertions which they were unable before to put forth. Neglect for watch over your brethren. Most Christians come up to prevailing prayer by a protracted process.

Summary Read this book. The minister once more put her off. In truth a revival should be expected whenever it is needed. I want to lay it out before you, in the course of these lectures, so that if you will begin and go on to do as I say, the results will be just as certain as they are when a farmer breaks up a fallow field, and mellows it, and sows his grain.

Lectures on revivals of religion

A revival is not a miracle in this sense. When a revival of religion may be expected.

The revivals in the apostles’ days were connected with miracles, but they were not miracles. Sometimes Christians do not seem to mind anything about the wickedness around them. It has always been so in all great revivals, and has been more or less common in proportion to the greatness, and extent, and depth of the work.


I answer that, new or old, it is the very revelation that Jehovah says He makes. Lectures on Revivals of Religion Charles G. The Church had got proud, and was “run out. If so, no wonder that your life is spent at random, and that your religion is such a miserable failure. If we need to be revived it is our duty to be revived.

Do you need a revival? Is it indispensable to have an elder?

It is supposed by very learned and judicious divines, that Moses’ life was taken away after this manner, and this has also been supposed to be the religino with some other saints.

While the will of God is not known, to submit, without prayer, is tempting God. It has been the devil’s most successful means of destroying souls! Finney Full view – You see why you have not a revival.

How often have we seen Churches, and even whole denominations, cursed with a curse, because they would not wake up and seek the Lord, and pray: It is objected that this doctrine implies a new revelation. Revivals were formerly regarded as miracles. What a wicked servant is he who not only loiters himself but hinders the rest! And the reason was, that they forgot to use the other branch of the means, effectual prayer.

Lectures on Revivals of Religion – Charles Grandison Finney – Google Books

This spirit will catch and spread in the Church; confidence will be renewed, and brotherly love prevail again. It is just as easy to make your minds feel on the subject of religion as it is on any other. Jesus Christ, when he was praying in the garden, was in such an agony that “His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground” Luke How often God visited the Jewish Church with judgments because they would not repent and be revived at the call of His prophets!

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