Anamnese é a entrevista inicial que o técnico de enfermagem ou enfermeiro faz com o paciente. Consiste no preenchimento de uma ficha ou questionário. SAE SISTEMATIZAÇÃO DA ASSISTÊNCIA DE ENFERMAGEM RESOLUÇÃO COFEN/ Dispõe sobre a Sistematização da Assistência de Enfermagem. RESOLUÇÃO COFEN Nº / SB. Sara Bonato. Updated 2 November Transcript RESOLUÇÃO COFEN/ Introdução. Choose a template.

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Validation of an application for pediatric nursing: The nursing process, articulated to a theory of nursing, is an important technological tool in favor of professional care. Currently in Brazil grows initiatives to build forms that can make more agile the record of activities in the nursing process.

However the implementation of it in professional practice is still in incipient in the country and the successful experiences are sometimes not described in the specialized literature.

This fact difficult the recognition of the nursing process as a tool that qualifies the professional care 2. Considering the need for organization of care, the construction of a roadmap for nursing consultation is essential for a focused attention on the real needs of the clientele 3.


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Propose a model of nursing history to assess the growth and development in pediatric nursing consultation, using the conceptual framework of Wanda Horta. Building a nursing history form to assess the growth and development in pediatric nursing consultation, using the theoretical framework of Wanda Horta.

Validate the form of history of nursing to evaluate the growth and development in the consultation of pediatric nursing along with expertise. This is an observational, longitudinal study, of a descriptive nature with a quantitative approach to 3558 into two parts. The first stage dealt with the actual construction of the form to survey the history of nursing in baby care, considering empirical indicators extracted from the literature.

For that it was carried out an integrative review of literature in databases Latin American and Caribbean Literature dofen Health Sciences of the Virtual Health Library Lilacs and Medline with the keywords: We considered them studies that addressed aspects of the assessment of the nurse in child care, published in a time frame of the last five years, in Portuguese, Spanish and English, of where were extracted evidences which were grouped into areas of basic human needs: After the cofeen of the form, it will be validated by expertises in the cofeen of child health.


The criteria for inclusion in the sample: And the exclusion criteria are: The subjects will be asked to formally accept the Terms of Consent and then shall fill out an evaluation instrument developed for the history of nursing.

The form evaluates the variables: The data collected will be accomplished through cofem use of descriptive statistics with non-parametric measure of association chi-square test. Conselho Federal de Enfermagem. Instrument for nursing consultation of hypertensive patients treated in the Family Health Units. Data of the Project:

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