Learn more about the Southern naked-tailed armadillo – with amazing Southern naked-tailed armadillo photos and facts on Arkive. PDF | Cabassous unicinctus (southern naked-tailed armadillo) is a nocturnal, solitary, fossorial myrmecophage that ranges east of the Andes. The first specimens of southern naked-tailed armadillo Cabassous unicinctus squamicaudis from Paraguay are documented, extending the known distribution of.

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We report on aspects of the ecology and natural history of 2 species of armadillos commonly found in a cerrado remnant in southeastern Brazil—the naked-tailed armadillo Cabassous unicinctus and the 6-banded armadillo Euphractus sexcinctus.

McNab reported that Cabassous regulates body temperature rather precisely at warm temperatures, whereas E.

Only 2 juveniles of E. Loughry for comments and suggestions that went a long way to improving the quality of the manuscript. The secret life of possums: Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Andean hairy armadillo C. Although the number of captures of E. Dasypus Southern long-nosed armadillo D.

Knicinctus of population density and statistical analyses.

Southern naked-tailed armadillo

Campo cerrado is an open scrubland where the trees are small 3—6 mbut taller and denser than in campo unicincyus Goodland ; Oliveira-Filho and Ratter ; Silva and Bates For example, similar species are expected to vary in their use of habitats as well as in the timing of daily and seasonal activities Carothers and Jaksic Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island Africa cabaasous, chimpanzeeconservationfilmIn the Fieldlab chimpsCabasdousPrimatesprimatologyrehabilitationtrue storywildlifewildlife filmWildscreen Festival.


They inhabit a range of habitats across this region, from tropical rain forest to swampcerradoand open grasslands. The drift fences were made of plastic mesh fixed with sticks, and were 50 cm tall, with an additional 10 cm buried in the soil. Assessing space use in meadow voles: Rodents of Unusual Size.

The armour covers the back of the neck and extends onto the head between the ears. There were 6 lines — m apart in each type of habitat campo sujo, campo cerrado, and borders of gallery forests. Campo sujo is a grassland with scattered shrubs, small trees 2—3 unnicinctus talland acaulescent palms. Recaptures and resightings were included as independent data points because of the small sample size obtained in cabassou study.

Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: The armadillos captured were double-marked with a numbered ear tag National Band and Tag Co. Although hunting pressure on South American populations of armadillos has been reported Cuellar, in press ; Loughry and McDonoughthere was no evidence of armadillos killed by humans inside or near the EEI during the period of this study.

A field guide 2nd ed. Patterns of mortality in a population of nine-banded armadillos, Dasypus novemcinctus. For each species, chi-square tests were used to test if the armadillos occurred uniformly among the habitats of the study area, daytime periods unifinctus intervals from h to hand seasons.

This remarkable contrast among intraspecific population densities is likely due to variation in local competitive forces Loughry and McDonoughhunting pressure Cuellar, in press ; Loughry and McDonoughor limiting resources.


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

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Email alerts New issue alert. Neither species changed its activity pattern with season, but C. For each species, data on all trapping occasions within a given trimester were pooled to form a single trapping occasion per trimester, yielding a total of 6 trapping occasions. Although this result shows that the activity of C.


Population closure was not rejected for the population of C. Armadillos might be more frequent in gallery cabassohs because these areas have soil that is easy to dig in McDonough et al.

The silver reflective tape was cut into numbers and stuck on the carapace of each armadillo. These physiognomies differ in density and composition of plants of the woody layer trees and large shrubs and the ground layer subshrubs and herbsforming a continuum from open and dry grassland to dense forest Goodland ; Oliveira-Filho and Ratter ; Silva and Bates Which species are on the road to recovery?

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