realise it’s a rather large manual, but it is broken down into fairly This function launches the BFD2 PDF manual in your system’s PDF reader. A detailed description how to files using BFD2 can be found in This description has been written by Brian-D (Haggis-man) from. About this manual There is a huge amount of functionality in BFD2. Credits SKoT McDonald Paul Chana Steve Baker Andy Simper Angus Hewlett Andreas.

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Editing, Recording And Groove Fx Please understand that it is necessary for safeguarding your investment in future development and user support.

Is there any overlap between the BFD2 data and previous data sets, in terms of the drums that have been recorded? Documenting Grooves And Palettes Rude Solo Light Chapter 11 Programming Tips Enabling the Sticky button results in the mixer preset chooser panel remaining open after a preset is loaded.

Kit-piece Slot Windows Drum Track Display mankal Automation Mapping Page Approx 55GB full install size. However, the major problem is that Rosetta bdd2 going to really slow BFD2 down – BFD2 has a lot of highly optimized code specifically bfr2 PPC or Intel chips, and what will be happening on your system is Rosetta will be simulating PPC instructions on an Intel chip, and ignoring all BFD2’s speedy intel instructions that we laboured over.

Advanced Kit-piece Controls Midi Event Log Yes – there is a very diverse range of expansion packs available for BFD2. Alternatively, your own samples can be imported. Please be aware that many presets will not fully load if you do not install all the data.


Back To Top Are there any promotional “demo” kit pieces included from other packs? You can also double-click any mixer preset in the listing in order to load it.

bd2 Clicking this button, and agreeing to the subsequent confirmation dialog, results in all your preference settings being trashed, manaul to factory default settings. Earlier versions do not feature a multi-output standalone application. Slot Context Menu The audio export features are built into the BFD2 interface itself, so you can use them either when running BFD2 as a plugin in a host or as a standalone application.

No – because we wanted to guarantee stability and cross-compatibility of mix presets, and because you already have a DAW for that. You can export single Grooves, multiple Grooves or the drum track as MIDI or audio, with multiple channels if required. What plug-in formats will BFD2 work in?

Key map loaded when bfd2 is launched – FXpansion BFD2 Manual User Manual

Is it possible to adjust the number bfr2 velocity layers on an individual per-kit-piece basis? Got it, continue to print. Loading And Saving Maps Keyboard operation You can navigate around the available keymaps with the cursor arrow keys. If you have deleted any kit files, presets, Grooves or other files used in BFD2 from your hard disk, clicking this button removes their entries from the database.

If you have spread out your BFD2 data over several drives, you can set up as many data paths you like. Loading Mixer Presets Tightening Closed Hihats Drum Track Synchronization Clicking this button removes the selected mixer maunal from the BFD2 database. Varying Channels Between Mixer Presets I see this “DCAM” logo on some of the effects.


Upgrading from BFD 1. This product features a challenge-response authorization system, with three installs on your own machines allowed simultaneously.

BFD2 is now a legacy product. Midi Channels And Key Ranges The data path specifies the location of the BFD2 folder containing the sample data and other files like keymaps, Grooves and so on. Since the export features are built into the software interface itself, you can use them when running BFD2 as a plugin or as a standalone application.

FXpansion – Manuals

What’s that all about? Getting Further Help With Bfd2 Yes, as long as you have access to a machine manuak with Internet connectivity and a means of moving a small key file between the two machines a USB memory key, CDRW, floppy disk or similar device would all do the job. Grid-based Destructive Processes BFD2 versions prior to 2.

Keyboard Layout And Keyrange Selector Back To Top Are there enough slots to load mallet-hit kit pieces at the same mznual as stick-hit pieces for a full tom kit e. The settings within the file are translated to BFD2 equivalents and applied to the current mixer.

How many different kits and kit pieces are there?

The download size is approx 14GB – this is uncompressed during installation resulting in a maximum installed size of approx 52GB. Exporting Grooves As Midi

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