Updated – Convert System OS 9 AppleWorks 6 Files To OS X If you have an older version of AppleWorks, you might want to export your files. Saving your AppleWorks file as Microsoft Word, HTML, RTF, or Text To export your AppleWorks word processing document as one of these kinds of files, choose. AppleWorks is a multipurpose suite much like Microsoft Office. but for most document types you can export files to different formats, including.

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Apple released version 2. I cannot convert to PDF directly. Resources 3 PDF to Word: Apple had previously published Lissner’s QuickFile, a database program that closely resembled what became the AppleWorks database module. While approving of the shared clipboard and user interface, the magazine stated that Appleworks’ limitations—such as the limit of eight pages in the word processor with 64K RAM—made it “not good enough as a business product to warrant much consideration”.

how to export a database using AppleWorks… – Apple Community

The last version, AppleWorks 6, requires a PowerPC CPU and replaces the communications module with a presentation module in prior versions there was only rudimentary support for presentations through the other modules. Double-click the document to open it. Did you use something in between, and how did you get everything to PDF then?

PeteParker Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Nothing else can import these databases. Archived from the original on July 15, Click the “File” tab. Office suites Apple Inc. Tue Mar 29, 5: I just went through a similar ordeal a few months back.


Retrieved 28 January I have older Macs with AppleWorks 6. Some were able to use various means then available to save, expott, or re-use their documents in other software.

How to Open an Apple Works Document in Word

Log on to the PC and open Microsoft Word. Maclink Plus was a pretty great piece of software for batch conversions.

Vector graphics editors Word processors. Developed by Rupert Lissner, [2] the original AppleWorks was one of the first integrated office suites for personal computers, featuring a word processor, spreadsheet, and database merged into a single program.

Resources linked from this page may no longer be available or reliable. This is document ajig in the Knowledge Base.

When the Claris company was disbanded and absorbed back into Apple, the product was renamed AppleWorks; [13] in fact, version 5 was released shortly before the product’s return to Apple and was briefly called ClarisWorks 5. I already thought about converting all older version documents using MacLink to AW 6 or something else, but apparently, MacLink is no longer available, too.

How to Open an Apple Works Document in Word |

Aug 11, 8: AppleWorks debuted at 2 on Softalk ‘s monthly bestseller list and quickly became the best-selling software package on any computer, ousting even Lotus from the top of the industry-wide sales charts. This content has been archivedand is no longer maintained by Indiana University. An Integrated Office Product”. Unlike Microsoft Office, which is divided into specialized applications, AppleWorks is a single program that handles multiple document types.


Conversion of AppleWorks documents e. Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from October Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from May She called the word processor “my favorite part For example, word processor documents can be saved in Microsoft Word format, and spreadsheet files can be saved in Microsoft Excel format.

II Computing listed AppleWorks ninth on the magazine’s list of top Apple II non-game, non-educational software as of latebased on sales and market-share data.

Mar 27, Posts: Jan 14, Posts: Its name was changed to AppleWorks when Apple merged Claris back into itself. Retrieved December 3, I did create a ‘GUI recording’ exoprt Automator already, so it can do 5 automatically, but it is slow.

Conversion of AppleWorks documents (e.g. to PDF)?

Convert to some format to be able to do a Spotlight search for text within the file, 2. Pages ’09 User Guide. Business professionals collaborating with users operating on a Mac environment, or who want to be able to access their Mac files on their Windows PCs, must find workarounds to open the CWK and.

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