Death is the new life. Stories about dead teens used to be mainly weepers about beautiful young girls with tragic diseases. Now along with. The story of Madison Stanton, dead of unknown causes at age 17, showcases debut author Huntley’s skill at writing believable scenes of high. Where do we go after we die? For Madison Stanton, she’s somewhere in the vast dark everafter—a place she refers to as “Is”, formless, isolated.

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May 19, Trisha rated it it was ok Shelves: Until she does that, she can’t move into the Everafter, a mysterious place that sounded beautiful, where you’re happy and everyone you love is with you.

Then she later has the power to talk to other spirits and sit back and talk while the memory is playing or going on. Books by Amy Huntley. Here, you sort of float in a space that’s empty of everything except for what you lost dverafter the course of your life, reliving your memories by interacting with those objects.

The Everafter was packed full of humor, anguish, and surprise. And who ratted Tammy out?

everafteg Although, that’s really what I think the author was trying to point out, that when we die there are loose ends and the world keeps spinning without us. The epilogue was a very nice touch though.


Still a great read though. May 24, thebookblogger rated it it was amazing. Sep 25, Arlene rated it really liked it Shelves: She is dead and bored. It makes me want to better myself, live life to the fullest, and remember that even if I have regrets, each one of them have shaped me into who I am today.

The Everafter

Aug 29, Ab rated wmy liked it Shelves: As she captures these items and holds them, it takes Maddy back to the moment when she lost everqfter object. Sep 04, Alliyah added it.

I was constantly having to remind myself this was just story otherwise this would have been extremely depressing. Oct 14, Julie Kagawa rated it it was amazing. It was just so unusual that I had to see how it played out.


Would recommend if you have a high reading challenge I guess, because it was a very easy and quick read. Apr 11, Yan rated it really liked it. Mar 23, Ellie Haygood rated it it was amazing. The Everafter could almost be considered a book of short stories.

THE EVERAFTER by Amy Huntley | Kirkus Reviews

This story blew me away and there is absolutely nothing that should be changed about it, from the first word to the epilogue, the story is just spun so well, so precise, that it is as close to perfect as anything can be. Th Immediately after I picked up this book, I had a good feeling. The huntey is told through the different vignettes of Madison going back to the moments when she lost a a particular item.


Well, I chewed this one up and spit it out! Its not even a scary book! Humor and sadness weave in and out.

Madison thrives on these objects and memories. This is one of the best novels I have read in recent memory. It was a tad too dramatic, and ridiculously sad and needless.

The story weaves and lingers in a good way. And, I have to ask To be fair though, I’m pretty sure my 13 year old would, like, tots luv how Amy, like, gets her.

Okay, this book creeped me out just a little bit, more towards the middle to the end, but I was definitely creeped out. But, I hated her epilouge!!!!

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