[D&D ] Eden Odyssey – Akrasia – Thief of Time (Eden Studios). Uploaded by Pontifex. D&D Akrasia – Thief of Time. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Could this be the work of Akrasia, the Goddess of Distraction? Akrasia, Thief of Time, presents a series of vignettes that can be used individually or in total to. Board Games. Home · Recent Additions · Welcome · Wiki. Subdomains. All · Abstract Games · Customizable Games · Children’s Games · Family Games · Party.

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The definite weak point of the supplement. Though self-contained, the modules can be linked together to form an additional plotline for an ongoing campaign or even a large disjointed adventure. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. There’s a quite useful section on how Akrasia’s followers would fuction as enemies in a gaming campaign, focusing on their more subtle nature, and then the overview concludes with the faith’s major artifact the Leaking Hourglasssome Akratic legends, and an example of a follower of Akrasia – Littara, a halfling Distractor.

The NPCs involved are detailed including their motivations and roleplaying tips, with some links to other sections of the module. The maps are basic but clear and practical. My wife, on seeing the cover, was happy that it portrayed a sensibly dressed woman – she’s still rather annoyed at certain other covers in the industry.

While weakness of will has been discussed a lot, and it seems intuitively likely that procrastination is related to weakness of will or akrasiaweakness of will is more often connected in the philosopher’s mind with excessive consumption of chocolate than with checking one’s email or playing solitaire for the sole purpose of avoiding work.

Though some work will be required to get the most out of this product, it is worth checking out and definitely worth a second glance. I was given this product for free in exchange for a review.

Four Akrasians are secretly preventing the building of embankments along rhief river, each in their own way. She asks whether procrastination is weakness of will and comes to the surprising conclusion that it is not.


Akrasia, Thief of Time | House Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: The mini’s are generally designed to link to each other in a variety of ways, but can be easily used as stand alones. These mechanics highlight the nature of the class, but make gaining the class more trouble than it’s worth. No one, the poet reminds us, ever says, “Whee! As such, her followers are rarely seen as evil but harmless hedonists, encouraging entertaining over hard work. Societies of Magic or Atlas’ Touched by the Godsand it is in that tim not as an adventure that I will be reviewing it.

The first in a line of ‘Vignette’ sourcebooks, this book is composed of an Introduction to Araskia, an introduction the Akrasia’ Cult, 5 mini-modules, and the appendix.

I fully intend to try some of the methods suggested when I get around to them. The look of the supplement was good. In akrasja words, training the will as if it were a muscle would involve some self-manipulation through the environment.

I fully expected to dislike this product as I am not big fan of published adventures, finding they require too much work to modify to fit my campaign. Presentation is overall good Olav Gjelsvik discusses procrastination’s relation to rationality: A sidebar gives possible connections into the other adventures detailed The Way Choice is an inn run by a follower of Akrasia 4 pages.

The class skills are a case in point – the distractor chooses any ten skills that the character doesn’t already possess as their class skills. Unfortunately, there’s very little guidance provided on just what the gloomholt actually does. It is a very detailed, very complete sourcebook for introducing the cult of Akrasia into your game.

Is tims because we need our will to fall back on when scaffolding is not available, or is it somehow unseemly or less than moral not to develop our wills — an abdication of our autonomy?

Akrasia, Thief of Time – Various, David Chart, Odyssey D20 Eden – Google Books

This adventure is presented as something of a “temple” crawl, complete with a map of its different floors. A nagging thought crosses your mind. The Illustrated Collection Books by J. Akrasia is essentially the goddess of “wasting time” and failed ambition, and the author does a good job of presenting the paradox of a group of people dedicated do a goddess who wants to see people fail – if they’re too successful they’re working against their goddess.


Given the amount of material in the book, these are comparatively minor flaws. The presentation of the material in a series of vignettes is refreshing and just plain neat. There is a solid foundation to build upon and plenty is timw to flesh out.


Tuesday, 20th January, Had we repeatedly treated someone else that badly we would not have been able to say that we particularly care about them. All are 5th level or above, though, so it might not be as bad The one aspect I would have liked to see more detail on was a discussion of why various people would choose to serve Akrasia – what do they get out of it? There follow some Akratic Legends and the section finishes with a detailed example of Litarra, a halfling rogue cult member – included are adventure hooks to promote her use as an NPC villain and statistics for her at 9 total class levels, and 14 total class levels.

The domain and its spells are powerful, but probably not overwhelmingly so, and mor elikey to be used my NPC’s than PC’s The Distractor Prestige Class is an interesting case – the mechanics highlight the nature of the class well, but make the class less useful than it should be. It is a collection of source material and several mini-modules that can be inserted into any campaign. This is a very original and entertaining book, and presents an unusual set of opponents for fantasy d20 adventures.

Many do not see her as a threat. The layout is efficient and professional–very little space is wasted. The married couple, in every given moment, is likely to be found grocery shopping or cleaning the bathroom or trying to get children out of bed and only see their happiness in their “peripheral vision. They aren’t adventures per se but situations in which the DM can build upon.

From inside the book.

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